ACCELS Workshop: Interfaces of First- and Second-Generation Approaches in Cognitive Literary Studies

Thursday, October 07, 2021, 2:00pm - Friday, October 08, 2021, 5:15pm


Online Discussion

On 7th—8th October 2021, the Aachen Center for Cognitive and Empirical Literary Studies will host its second international online workshop. This time, we will discuss to what extent and how the opposition between first- and second-generation approaches to human cognition can be overcome with a view to readers' engagement with literature. We would like to engage in a conversation with you about questions like these:

  • How do reading reactions governed by the principles of 4e-cognition interact with the activation of knowledge structures, schemata and scripts?
  • Which theories and models of embodied cognition on the one hand, and conceptual knowledge in discourse processing on the other are compatible, which are not?
  • Which overlaps are there between the modes of 4e (or 4ea/6e/embodied/situated/ distributed) cognition, and what are the differences?
  • What is the role of cultural models and simulators in text understanding?
  • How can the cognitive and affective aspects of the reading experience be traced through combinations of first- and second-generation concepts?
  • What are the methodological consequences of first- and second-generation concepts, and can there be mixed-methods approaches that take both into consideration?

Please let us know if you are interested in this event by mailing us at We will then send you a Zoom link to the event and all necessary information.


Preliminary Schedule for the Workshop

Please find the preliminary schedule for the workshop below. All time specifications are in CEST.

Day 1: October 07, 2021 (Thursday)

14:00 - 14:15
Welcome Address

14:15 - 15:30
Panel 1: Rethinking Enactivism
"Enactive Cognition as Environmental Entanglement" (Merja Polvinen, University of Helsinki)
Respondent: Chloe Harrison

15:30 - 15:45
Coffee Break

15:45 - 17:00
Panel 2: Neurophenomenology and the Two Generations
Title TBA (Paul Armstrong, Brown University)
Respondent: Paul Sopcak

17:00 - 17:30
Coffee Break

17:30 - 18:45
Panel 3: The Reading Situation
Title TBA (Victoria Pöhls, Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics)
Respondents: Ralf Schneider and Sven Strasen

18:45 - 19:00
Summary of Day 1

Day 2: October 08, 2021 (Friday)

14:00 - 15:15
Panel 4: The Material Influence on Consciousness
"Iterative Function of Literature in Informing Neural Pathways Via Reader Response" (Callen Trapp, University of Idaho)
Respondent: Marcus Hartner

15:15 - 15:30
Coffee Break

15:30 - 16:45
Panel 5: Intersubjective Minds and Neuroscience
Title TBA (Melba Cubby-Keane, University of Toronto)
Respondent: Marcello Giovanelli

16:45 - 17:15
Final Discussion