Book Series: Routledge Focus on Dialogues in Cognitive Literary Studies


A new book series, edited by Alice Bell, Richard Gerrig, and Ralf Schneider, will be launched soon

Series editors: Alice Bell, Richard Gerrig, and Ralf Schneider

Advisory Board: Jan Alber, Paul Armstrong, Alexander Bergs, Marisa Bortolussi, Geert Brône, Marco Caracciolo,
Amy Cook, Barbara Dancygier, Peter Dixon, Catherine Emmott, Joanna Gavins, Marcello Giovanelli, Melanie Green, Frank Hakemulder, Chloe Harrison, Christopher Hart, Karin Kukkonen, Moniek Kuijpers, Anežka Kuzmičová, Irene Mittelberg, Merja Polvinen, Brian Schiff, Elena Semino, Paul Sopčák, Peter Stockwell, Sven Strasen, Nurit Tal-Or,
Lieven Vandelanotte, Jeffrey Zacks, Sonja Zyngier

The vibrant field of Cognitive Literary Studies is a truly multi-disciplinary field. Our understanding of the interplay between literature and the mind has advanced enormously. One effect of the multi-disciplinary conceptual, terminological, and methodological traditions, however, is a remarkable proliferation of concepts and terms and some concomitant theoretical confusion that may prove detrimental to further development. Scholars in the field, as well as graduate and doctoral students, find it increasingly difficult to orientate themselves in the maze of terms, concepts, and methods. The series editors believe that it will be immensely helpful to address these entanglements explicitly. The new book series therefore creates a platform for true interdisciplinary exchange. It will

  • disentangle, volume by volume, central terms and concepts from confusion by looking at them from the perspective of (at least) two disciplines involved that enter a dialogic exchange;
  • critically discuss the explanatory reach of major concepts and terms, both in the various disciplines in which they play a role, and in interdisciplinary exchange;
  • discuss both the theoretical and methodological implications that the respective research traditions bring to the discussion;
  • assess the applicability in actual research on phenomena of central interest to Cognitive Literary Studies.

Each of the volumes (20,000 to 50,000 words) will be co-written by two or three scholars from different disciplines or sub-disciplines, who will first survey a particular phenomenon from their respective disciplinary vantage points, and then co-author a truly interdisciplinary section, in which they assess the overlaps as well as the differences between the approaches. They will also consider further potential applications in the study of human cognition in language, literature and culture, in both theoretical and empirical research. A call for proposals for the volumes in the series can be found here.